Want to install a new door? - We can help you find the right one and install it fast and accurately!



AM London Locksmith offers a dedicated high quality service to clients who are interested to install or upgrade their internal or external doors

With Over 15 years of experience our professional locksmiths and carpenters can provide you the highest quality of door replacement services. With a wide range of customizations options both for internal and external doors, in traditional Fire Proof wood or UPVC door, as well as modern and composite materials.

Door Installation Service includes:

  • Supply(optional) and Fit Fire Proof Doors +Fire Proof Hinges with no additional cost
  • 1 Year work guarantee
  • High Security Locks – British Standard
  • Optional: LetterBox, Door Viewer, Glazing, Old Door Disposal, Night Latch
  • Security Chain, Door Closer, London Bar, Keyed Alike
  • 24/7 Service, Same day Installation,  Painting and Decoration
  • Perfect Fitting by a top professional.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we guarantee a 30 minutes response time!


AM London Locksmith takes care of everything when it comes to installing a new door. Our locksmith experts will do the following:
  • Schedule and conduct all needed measurements to guarantee an accurate fit and estimate any potential issues with the installation.
  • Arrive on installation day with everything needed for the project and make sure your new door is the correct size and exactly what you ordered.
  • Clean the work area after the installation process is done.
  • Test the newly installed door with you and provide information about maintenance.
Some of the brands we install include:
You are not limited to these options only – you can also get exactly what you’re looking for!
When choosing a door to install for your front door you should always keep in mind that this is one of the first things people notice when they come to your house. An incorrect door installation can dramatically worsen your home appeal. Below are some ideas for creating a great entry space you’ll enjoy for years to come.
You can use multiple ideas to accessorise your door installation. Consider decorative glass, metal elements in case if you are using a traditional wooden door, place sidelights to put an emphasis. This will already improve the exterior of your home.
Types of doors installed are based on their placement and material. Generally there are:
  • Internal wooden doors
  • Internal PVC doors
  • Office doors
  • Fire doors
  • External wooden doors
  • External composite doors
  • External PVC doors
  • Shop fronts
It depends on your requirements and budget. For example, if your home is styled in an elegant and authentic way, you might want to go with traditional wood. But keep in mind that such doors require more care than any other types. Alternatively, you can go with a less hassle type – fibreglass. If you are still not sire, we can help you decide on the best solution for your home. Simply call us now at -.